Absurdist short stories

One short story from each of my two published short story collections in English and Danish. My short stories are written in an absurdist and slightly surrealistic stile. In the stories unreality opens up a crack in which you catch a glimpse of the anxiety at the bottom of human existence. In these short stories the boundary between dreams and reality are blurred. A rocking horse which growes, a doll maker who changes her lovers into dolls, a staircase which is taller than the house. “Blind staircase” is a collection of absurdist short stories in which the world behaves differently from what is commenly the case and where the strangeness of life is enhanced. “There Was a Time When I Never Thought of Birds”, the fourth short story in “Blind Staircase” can be read here: http://www.stenjacobsen.dk/?page_id=1539 The second collection “Who can hurt a doll?” (Hvem kan gøre en dukke fortræd?) deals with the disquieting transition from childhood to adulthood. In puberty and pre-puberty, where the idyll of childhood cracks and where the adult world is out of reach strange and dominant communities are created where the boundaries between dream and reality are blurred. Short story number 1 “Little Angie” from my short story collection “Who can Hurt a Doll?” can be read here: http://www.stenjacobsen.dk/?page_id=1550